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Oldest known picture of a sneeze – 1902

im laughin so fuckin hard
can you imagine how upset literally everybody in that room musta been after this happened
it took a long time to take photographs back then i bet there was a collective of nothin but sighing echoing through the room


Confused little baby

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#tara week: anything goes  facial expressions;

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Snoop, Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson, Kurupt and Soopafly backstage at Powerhouse 2000! 

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fuck you


Golestan Palace



Where tf is this 😳😩😍

crazy lesbians who don’t shave any part of their body = not feminists


Actual thing I found in the feminist tag today

You are throwing lesbians, women who don’t shave, and people with mental illnesses all into the same category and then throwing that collective group under the bus. 

Let me share something with you, if it weren’t for those “crazy lesbians” you would not have the rights you have today. Those “crazy lesbians” were at the forefront of women’s liberation from the very beginning. 

Honestly, you are not feminist if you say anything remotely close to the above statement. 

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